Q: What's your minimum order?

A: We sell in packs. You can find pack quantity informtion in production page. It normally varies from 2 to 4pc/SKU. There's no minimum order amount required. 

Q: Where do you locate?

A: Our warehouse locates in mississauga.

Q: Can we go and pick up the order?

A: Yes sure, you are more than welcome to come.

Q: What will happen if I place an order?

A: After receiving your order, we will pick and pack, when everything is ready, we will call for payment informtion, and have the order shipped out. The average lead time is 7 days.

Q: What forwarder you are using for shipping?

A:Normally Loomis, UPS or FedEx, we will compare and choose the most suitable one, and confirm with you before shipping.